White Christmas

This quick entry is specifically inspired by my friend Ry. He has requested I send him a picture of myself at work some day, because he doesn’t believe that I actually work. I can’t blame him, I really try not to work, but it is a necessity.

If I have to work, I like to have a view of a ski area. :-) Loving it.

If I have to work, I like to have a direct view of a ski area.  Loving it.

As a traveler, you sometimes have to do the grunt work. You might work weekends, you’re likely going to be working hard during the hours you are at work, you might even work Christmas, but hopefully you’re doing it in an awesome place.

Here in Aspen, the place Kate and I return to every winter for work, I know the drill. I’m going to work Saturdays, I’m going to work Christmas and New Years. I have come to grips with this schedule and actually have come to like it. Someone suggested a possibility of no working Saturdays, and I realized I actually like working Saturdays because it’s low-key and I get to be off an extra weekday off.

If I have to work (and I do have to work), I’m going to do it in a place I love and that will make my hours outside of work so very much better. Living here in a touristy paradise there are many, many benefits. Working Christmas Day is a small sacrifice. It’s a White Christmas today, which means it’s a powder day tomorrow (when I’m off) 🙂

Christmas Day, at work. Merry Christmas all!

Christmas Day, at work. Merry Christmas all! It’s not so bad.

When I’m off work in a few hours, Kate and I will host our annual Christmas Party for many of our co-workers and few of the new travelers here who don’t know many people yet. If you’re in the Aspen area, drop on by. We’ve come to celebrate our Christmas in an unorthodox way, but it’s one part of great life through being traveling therapists.

Happy Holidays, Happy New Year, See you on the slopes. See, Ry, I do work…. sometimes. 🙂

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