COVID in PT (A hastily written mini-blog)


Well things have certainly escalated quickly.

I am currently vacationing on the most rural island of the most geographically isolated islands on Earth (Hawaii). But, in 1 week, I will eventually go back to work at a PT clinic located within a walk-in clinic, located in a global-tourist destination. Yikes! 9 confirmed cases in town as of today.

I want to start a conversation. I’m hearing all kinds of info in the past 2 days. The hospital I work for has Rehab Services open, but everyone who enters the hospital is being screened. I have heard of Physical Therapists elsewhere with many, many cancellations. Many Universities are restricting the travel of their employees to professional meetings, or anywhere away from home. My alma Mater has moved to online classes. Professional and NCAA sports events are being scheduled without audiences. I am very curious about what’s going on in your work, schools, and life.

Is this all a complete over-reaction or is it justified?

Is it life as normal where you live? Are your patients showing up?

Does PT have some role in this that hasn’t been thought of yet? Or is our only role to protect our patients from something that could be harmful to them?

I found a Malaysian 10 cent piece at the Honolulu airport 2 days ago, should I have left it there?

My daughter and I had a cough with no fever 3 weeks ago – have we had the Corona already?

How is this affecting your work, education, and life? I am just curious what others are going though right now.

Stay safe out there. Bottled water is unnecessary in most circumstances, including this one – reduce single use plastics in your life. Wash your damn hands, always. And don’t hoard the toilet paper there is someone who just ran out right now and needs it more than you ever will.

Be kind to each other out there. Aloha.

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